From the Chair: We Did It!

Wow – we did it! Portland in 2016 has been seated to host Westercon 69. It was a fast, wild ride, but we’re more than ready to settle down and get to the work of creating an amazing Westercon. It’s been more than a decade since Portland hosted a Westercon, and we look forward to welcoming the community back to Oregon.

I’d like to thank the people who worked so hard to bring the bid to Westercon 67, and I also thank the dozens of presupporters who offered us the resources to do so. The energy and welcome were wonderful, and we will pay that back in spades in 2016. Yet more thanks go to John Scalzi, David Levine, and Charlie Stross for agreeing to be our guests at Westercon 69. I already have the start of an experienced, dedicated team, and we look forward to seeing you in 2016!

Lea Rush
Chair, Westercon 69


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