Four Proposals Submitted to 2018 Westercon Business Meeting

After several years of little or no substantive business other than receiving site selection results, the Westercon Business Meeting for 2018 has a relatively crowded agenda this year. Four proposals have been submitted that will come before this year’s meeting, the most significant of which would expand Westercon’s scope so that it could be held anywhere in North America (or Hawaii), not just on the western portion of the continent.

The proposals on the agenda are:

  1. Membership Numbers: Clarifies how Westercons should use membership numbers in conjunction with site selection
  2. First Full Day: Clarifies the definition of “First Full Day” of Westercon for the purpose of scheduling certain events/programming
  3. Bidders at Site Selection: Clarifies that bidders whose election is being conducted at Westercon are expected to provide at least one observer to work at the Site Selection table
  4. Westercon for All North America: Revises scope of where Westercon can be held to substantially mirror that of the North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) and adopts the same 500 mi/800 km “exclusion zone” that NASFiC currently uses

The full agenda including the text of the proposals is posted on the Westercon web site. Additional proposals can be introduced at the meeting without notice.

The Westercon Business meeting at Westercon 71 in Denver is scheduled for 11 AM on Saturday, July 7. Should the initial one-hour meeting be insufficient, a continuation is scheduled at 2 PM the same day. Details are on the Westercon 71 web site.

Author: kevin.standlee

Kevin is an expert on the official rules of Westercon. He led the committee that redrafted the Westercon Bylaws in the 1990s and is effectively the primary author of the current Westercon Bylaws. Disclaimer: Kevin is Chair of Westercon 74 (Tonopah 2022).