Two Bids File for 2021 Westercon

As of the April 15, 2019 deadline to appear on the ballot, two bids have filed for the right to host the 2021 West Coast Science Fantasy Conference (Westercon 74): Tonopah, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. Their official filings with SpikeCon (Westercon 72) are available here, listed in the order they filed with SpikeCon:

The election to decide the site of the 2021 Westercon will be held at SpikeCon (Westercon 72/NASFiC 2019). Any attending or supporting member of SpikeCon is eligible to vote in the election. You need not attend the convention to vote: you can also vote by postal mail or send your ballot with someone else to deliver on your behalf. Voting will begin when SpikeCon releases the 2021 Westercon Site Selection ballot.

Under Westercon rules, if a qualified bid (either bid on the ballot or any bid that files the necessary papers between now and the end of voting on July 5, 2019) gets a majority in the election, that bid will be awarded the right to host Westercon 74. Should no qualified bid get a majority using the preferential (“instant runoff”) ballot, or should “None of the Above” win, the selection of Westercon 74’s committee devolves upon the Westercon Business Meeting on July 6.

Author: kevin.standlee

Kevin is an expert on the official rules of Westercon. He led the committee that redrafted the Westercon Bylaws in the 1990s and is effectively the primary author of the current Westercon Bylaws. Disclaimer: Kevin is Chair of Westercon 74 (Tonopah 2022).