Westercon 73/Loscon 47 Clarifies 2023 Site Selection

Loscon 47, which will host Westercon 73 over the Thanksgiving Weekend of November 26-28, 2021, has announced additional information about how site selection for the 2023 Westercon (Westercon 75) will work in light of the only filed bid having withdrawn.

The deadline for filing to be on the Westercon site selection ballot has passed and cannot be extended because the deadline is explicitly defined in the Westercon Bylaws. However, groups interested in hosting Westercon 75 may still file as a write-in bid up to the close of voting. Due to Loscon being only three days rather than the traditional four days of most Westercons, site selection voting will be open only on Friday, November 26, 2021, and is scheduled to close at 8 p.m. Pacific Time on that day. No bids will be listed on the ballot, but write-in bids are allowed. Any bid that files the required papers with the site selection administrator by the close of voting can still win as a write-in candidate.

Any group wishing to bid for Westercon must provide written evidence of the following: At least two (2) separate people declaring themselves Chair and Treasurer; an organizing instrument such as bylaws, articles of incorporation or association, or a partnership agreement; and a letter of intent or option from a hotel or other facility located anywhere in North America west of 104° west longitude or in Hawaii declaring specific dates on which the Westercon shall be held; and, for a sponsoring organization from within the United States of America, evidence that the sponsoring organization is a non-profit association or corporation within the applicable state law of the sponsoring organization. Bids must file these materials by sending them to Linda Deneroff, Site Selection Administrator, via email at Linda@westercon73.org, via the USPS at 11300 1st Avenue NE, #313, Seattle, WA 98125, or in person at the Site Selection desk at Loscon 47/Westercon 73 before the close of site selection on November 26.

The results of the voting will be announced at the Westercon Business Meeting, which will be held on Saturday, November 27, 2021, at a time between 11 a.m and 2 p.m. to be announced later. Should no bid be selected through the site selection voting process, the Westercon Business Meeting will consider alternative arrangements. Per section 3.16 of the Westercon Bylaws, the Business Meeting can select a site by a three-fourths vote. Should the Business Meeting adjourn without selecting a site, or should the Meeting declare by a majority vote that it cannot decide, then the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS), owners of the Westercon service mark, shall select a site.

Loscon 47 is hosting Westercon 73 after the originally selected committee in Seattle announced that they would be unable to host the convention and handed responsibility for organizing Westercon 73 back to LASFS. Ordinarily, LASFS leaves the organization of Westercon up to the individual host committees who work under the Westercon Bylaws and does not take an active role in managing Westercon.



Author: kevin.standlee

Kevin is an expert on the official rules of Westercon. He led the committee that redrafted the Westercon Bylaws in the 1990s and is effectively the primary author of the current Westercon Bylaws. Disclaimer: Kevin was Chair of Westercon 74 (Tonopah 2022).

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