The following groups are bidding to host future Westercons. Westercon sites are selected two years in advance by a vote of the members of the current Westercon. Westercon does not have a Board of Directors or a Central Committee that selects sites. Sites are voted upon by the membership. Bids to hold Westercon must meet several technical requirements (set forth in the Westercon Bylaws) in order to bid, but otherwise it is up to the members to decide where they want to hold the convention.


Because no sites filed to host the 2023 Westercon through the normal bidding process, the site of the 2023 Westercon (Westercon 75) will be selected by a special committee set up by the 2021 Westercon. To express an interest in hosting the 2023 Westercon, write to <a href=””>Kevin Standlee</a> or send paper mail to Lisa Hayes, PO Box 242, Fernley NV 89408.