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Letter from the Chair

Wow – it’s been quite a year. With the passing of the gavel at Westercon 68, we’ve kicked into high gear to create the best Westercon ever! If you were at Rustycon, Radcon, Norwescon, Baycon, Westercon 68, Sasquan, OryCon or Loscon, chances are that you saw us at a fan table or a party. You might even have seen me, hawking chocolate as fast as I could go. 🙂 It’s been a busy year!

And with all the busy, comes the fen. We’re up to 449 members already, and we’ve already filled almost half of our room block at the Doubletree Portland. If you haven’t made your hotel reservation, sooner is better than later! Also, Westercon memberships make lovely holiday presents, and the current prereg price of $50 is good through January 15th.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve added a few more guests of honor. It’s going to be a very good con!

Author: John Scalzi, author of Old Man’s War and winner of the 2013 Hugo for Best Novel, Redshirts. 
Artist: Theresa Mather, painter extraordinaire of dragons, cats and dirigibles.
Science: Bobak Ferdowsi, also known as Mohawk Guy from the Mars Rover Curiosity landing.
Filk: Alexander James Adams, Celtic Bard for the ages.
Fan: David D. Levine, Hugo award winner and long-time volunteer in the Portland con-running community.
And, Special Guest, thanks to a grant from Renovation, the Reno Worldcon: Charles Stross, winner of seven Hugos for Best Novel.

To keep up with our goings-on, follow us!

Facebook Official Page:
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Twitter: @westercon69

Hope to see you in July!

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Job Opening: Ad Swaps

Are you detail-oriented and email-obsessed? Would you like to help? We have a job opening for an Ad Swap person, effective immediately.
You would need to contact designated conventions, negotiate the swap and ad size, get their ad specs and send them o…

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Westercon Business Updated

The minutes of the 2015 Westercon Business Meeting and the 2015-2016 version of the Westercon Bylaws are now available on the Westercon Bylaws & Business…

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Ask me Another, Westercon style, quiz show will be Saturday at 1 pm in the Towne room.  Our VIP (Very Important Puzzler) Steven Brust has provided the prize for our overall winner.  Steven will Tuckerize the winner, putting them (in name at least) into future piece of his writing. THose interested in being players should […]

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Site Map, Programming Available

We have published a map of the parts of the Town and Country Resort and Conference Center that Westercon 68 / Conjecture 13 / Conchord 27 will be using.  This map is located under “Location,” and linked here. We also have our programing available in two formats: Long Format Grid Format Mobile Friendly KonOpas Version […]

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Tempe Only Bid for 2017 Westercon

There is one bid on the ballot for the 2017 West Coast Science Fantasy Conference, Tempe in 2017. The committee, led by Chairman Gary Swatty…

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PR 2 and PR 3 Available for Download

After a bit of delay due to technical issues, PR 2 and PR 3 both may be downloaded from our website.  They, along with a number of other downloads, are available on our available publications page. Direct links: PR 2 PR 3 (includes Site Selection Ballot)

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Volunteers Needed

Westercon is a volunteer effort. And we will need your help during the convention to pull this off. Some of the specific areas where we will need help include: Helping with food prep and monitoring in the con suite Monitoring the quiet room Helping our program operations team keep our program running smoothly and on […]

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Hotel Block Released

Westercon’s hotel block has now been released and the room rates have gone up to $149s/d per night. We are trying to work with the hotel to allow reservations at the original convention rate ($119/129/139) but this is not currently in place. We will keep you posted.

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Match Game SF Needs You

(Originally posted at We are still apparently scheduled to do three shows of Match Game SF at this year’s Westercon in San Diego. However, a fair number of our regular panelists won’t be there this year. I’ve asked Programming to fill in the gaps, but I’ll also work with people who contact me directly. In […]

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