Tempe Only Bid for 2017 Westercon

There is one bid on the ballot for the 2017 West Coast Science Fantasy Conference, Tempe in 2017. The committee, led by Chairman Gary Swatty and Treasurer Kevin McAloran, is bidding to hold Westercon 70 at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel in Tempe, Arizona. The proposed dates are Saturday, July 1 through Tuesday, July 4, 2017. All members of Westercon 68 in San Diego are eligible to vote on the site of the 2017 Westercon. The ballot will be available at the convention and was distributed to all members in their Progress Report 3.

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PR 2 and PR 3 Available for Download

After a bit of delay due to technical issues, PR 2 and PR 3 both may be downloaded from our website.  They, along with a number of other downloads, are available on our available publications page.

Direct links:

  • PR 2
  • PR 3 (includes Site Selection Ballot)

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Volunteers Needed

Westercon is a volunteer effort. And we will need your help during the convention to pull this off.

Some of the specific areas where we will need help include:

  • Helping with food prep and monitoring in the con suite
  • Monitoring the quiet room
  • Helping our program operations team keep our program running smoothly and on time.
  • Help with setup and cleanup on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Volunteers who work 15 hours over the course of the weekend will have their membership fees refunded (provided that there are reimbursement funds).  Work done before 11:00am on Thursday and after 3:30pm on Sunday will count double. If you have a significant financial hardship and need to work ahead for your membership, email chair@westercon68.org and we’ll work something out.

If you would like to help out you can do one of the following:

  • Send an email to chair@westercon68.org. If you are specifically interested in helping in the con suite send the email to consuite@westercon68.org. If you are specifically interested in helping with program operations send the email to program-ops@westercon68.org.  If you want to help with monitoring the quiet room, send the email to disabled@westercon68.org.
  • Stop by convention operations in Terrace Salon 3.
  • Especially on Wednesday and Thursday, stop by the Golden Ballroom area and pitch in.

We will have volunteer hour tracking sheets available.

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Hotel Block Released

Westercon’s hotel block has now been released and the room rates have gone up to $149s/d per night. We are trying to work with the hotel to allow reservations at the original convention rate ($119/129/139) but this is not currently in place. We will keep you posted.

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Match Game SF Needs You

(Originally posted at http://kevin-standlee.livejournal.com/1466962.html)

We are still apparently scheduled to do three shows of Match Game SF at this year’s Westercon in San Diego. However, a fair number of our regular panelists won’t be there this year. I’ve asked Programming to fill in the gaps, but I’ll also work with people who contact me directly.

In addition, we still need new questions. With so many games (and four questions per game), there’s a good chance we’ll be doing quite a few re-treads, which probably means it’s just as well that many of the panelists will be new ones.

Yes, you too could be a panelist (or contestant) on fandom’s wacky re-creation of the classic 1970s game show.

There will be prizes for everyone, even if it’s only a Lovely Parting Gift.

If you want to contribute a question, you can write to my LJ handle @livejournal.com and it should get to me, or also you can write to k a standlee and add an @gmail.com to the end and it will also reach me. Remember that Match Game questions aren’t trivia questions with a single correct answer, but a fill-in-the-blank question with lots of possible replies, and that the object of the game is for the contestant to try and determine how the panelists filled the blank.

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At The Door and Day Membership Rates

Westercon 68 / Conjecture 13 / Conchord 27 rates after June 30, 2015 are as follows

Attending: Thurs-Sun1 $85.00
Thursday Only $30.00 2
Friday Only $40.00 2
Saturday Only $40.00 2
Sunday Only $25.00
Two-day Rates Total of the 2 one-day rates

1 Also covers any three day period as the day rates would be more.
2 There will be a discount rate available for the evening only. These will be set and posted shortly.

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Costume Electronics Workshop

Saturday, Jul 4th, Westercon will be holding an electronics workshop specially for costumers who want to add lights and other electrical devices to their outfits. THIS WILL REQUIRE OBTAINING MATERIALS IN ADVANCE (see below). To gauge attendance, PLEASE CONTACT westercon68programming@gmail.com an let us know you are coming.

This workshop, instructed by Jamie Hanrahan, will teach the basics of connecting power source (batteries), one or more LEDs or lamps, the resistor(s) needed by the LEDs, possibly a switch, possibly a fuse (more important than you might think!), and of course wires, to make a working lighting circuit. The basics of voltage, current, and resistance will be shown step-by-step via a series of simple experiments. Series vs. parallel circuits, what a “short circuit” is and how to avoid them, battery choices, LED and lamp choices, wiring choices, and so on will all be part of the learning. Finally we will show some examples of more complex electronics and show how to apply the principles of power sources, wiring, etc., to them.

Soldering will not be covered due to time and equipment requirements, but we’ll present links to some terrific online videos on the subject.

We’ll have a handout (or maybe a web site you can browse, print, etc., as you prefer) that will provide reference data for all the details, along with additional information and suggestions for further learning.

Bring six (6) fresh AA batteries. Attendees MUST purchase a $33 (plus shipping) parts kit to participate ($22 if you already own and can bring a multimeter; any other parts you already own can be substituted as well). Most of the parts can be used in later projects. To order, enter this URL in your web browser: http://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=7c6c5b601e Review the parts list, remove any items you already own and can bring, then click “order project” and “checkout”. The supplier (Mouser Electronics) can ship to you c/o the hotel, if necessary to get it to you on time. Just use your name, “Town & Country Hotel GUEST arvg 7/1” (or whatever your arrival date is) for the “Business” name, and the hotel address.

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Worldcon Fannish Inquisition FAQs

To avoid taking time with the standard questions and answers, the Worldcon Inquisition team will be reusing the bid information FAQs from SMOFCon 32, December 2014.  These FAQs and Answers may be found here.

The complete information on the Fannish Inquisitions can be found on the Fannish Inquisition Page.

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Fannish Ask Me Another

This Westercon we will be featuring our own version of the NPR game show “Ask me Another”. Steven Brust will be our Very Important Puzzler.

And we are going to need contestants! If you would like to be a contestant, please email to westercon68programming@gmail.com. Aside from your name, please provide some interesting things about your background that we can ask you about. Contestants will be picked at random from among submissions. (Mostly. If another GoH asked to play . . .) Please email by Jun 27th. There will be SF knowledge involved in some rounds, not so much in others.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, check this episode from New York Comic Con Super Week featuring Neil Gaiman.

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Updated Fannish Inquisition Information

Note, the following information, along with any updates, will be maintained on the Fannish Inquisition page under the Events tab.

Westercon 68 will be holding two “Fannish Inquisitions” where members can learn about, and ask questions of, bids for future Westercons and Worldcons, as well as the future seated Westercon and Worldcons.

The Westercon Fannish Inquisition will be on Friday, July 3, at 1:00pm.  The time for this inquisition will be broken down as follows:

  • Westercon 69 — 10 minutes
  • 2017 — 10 minutes (4 minutes presentation, 6 Q&A)
  • 2018 — 8 minutes (4 minutes presentation, 4 Q&A)
  • later — 5 minutes each

The Worldcon Fannish Inquisition will be on Friday, July 3, at 3:00pm and will have a two hour slot.  The time for this inquisition will be broken down as follows:

  • Sasquan — 15 minutes
  • MidAmericon II — 10 minutes
  • 2017 — 10 minutes each (4 minutes presentation, 6 Q&A)
  • 2018 — 8 minutes each (4 minutes presentation, 4 Q&A)
  • 2019 — 5 minutes
  • later — 4 minutes each, assuming anyone wants to present

The Worldcon Fannish Inquisition will only be accepting written questions that can be screened by the moderators to ensure a smooth running session.  These can be submitted by paper at the inquisition or before, or by sending an email to inquisition@westercon68.org.   Written questions for the Westercon inquisition will also gladly be accept in advance at the same address, though questions from the floor will be entertained if there is time.

An HDMI projector & sound system available for use during the inquisition, along with all the usual dongles/converters (displayport, mini DVI, VGA-to-HDMI, etc.).  Neither inquisition will start more than 5 minutes late for testing the projector or other technical needs.  Any time taken setting up tech will be deducted from presentation time.

However, our AV team will have the projector available in the convention office in Terrace Salon 3 Friday morning to allow you to check out the setup and work it out with our AV team.  Also, the Westercon inquisition is likely to end early.  The rest of the slot will be available to work out AV issues.

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